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I help chronically inflamed people struggling with allergies, IBS/food sensitivities, skin issues, and brain fog to feel peace in their bodies and thrive.

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Do you feel defeated and frustrated by your allergic reactions, skin breakouts, and/or GI discomfort?

Do you feel restricted and deprived from managing your allergies?

Have you already spent time and money on different solutions without success?

Do you feel confused by all the information out there and not sure what to trust or try next?

Health Challenges Can Feel Overwhelming

Hi, I'm Angela

I am wellness coach here to help you overcome your symptoms and live vibrantly again.

After a toxic mold exposure, I struggled for almost a decade with IBS and food sensitivities, skin breakouts, brain fog and the inability to focus, and all sorts of allergies. I saw almost 30 providers without any success. I finally began to heal when I approached my situation from a holistic viewpoint, evaluating my living environment for my unique triggers, adjusting my lifestyle habits and diet to decrease inflammation, and dealing with the complicated emotions resulting from years of malaise.

Using my background in research and healthcare, I build this business to help support people like you, so you can move past these challenges and live your most optimized life.

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1:1 Coaching



Personalized, weekly attention through a holistic plan to help you to move past your challenges and achieve vitality.

Inspiring and informative talks to teach large groups strategies to take back their life from health challenges.

Specialized teaching for members of your household or caregivers to increase awareness and knowledge.  
Available in Spanish.

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Your flare-ups, skin irritations, bloating, and more have taken too much of who you are. You've struggled for a long time trying to find solutions and feel like there is nothing else new to try. I believe you shouldn't settle.

Overcome your symptoms and live the life you're meant to live.

Don't just "live with it." It's time to thrive.

tom c.

“My biggest issues were making the necessary modifications to my diet, lifestyle, and menu planning according to my restrictions. I had never done coaching before, but Angela inspired me to overcome those hesitations because she is warm, friendly, a great listener, helpful planner, and a problem solver. I learned to be an advocate for my own health and the importance of creating a supportive environment. Angela has the knowledge to navigate your reality, she listens to where you are, and helps you sail your ship to where you need to go to make the lifestyle changes needed for your own plan and goals. She is a gem to work with.”

andrea a.

“I was initially worried about making time for coaching, but Angela was incredibly flexible to work with my hectic schedule, and I am glad I invested the time for myself. I had been dealing with skin flare-ups from unknown sources for about 6 months before working with Angela. In addition to reducing the frequency of my flare-ups, I gained self-awareness and learned to make informed decisions when bringing new products into my home which could contribute to my breakouts. Angela provides an incredibly informed and experienced perspective to help implement long-term, healthy changes. She worked closely with me to make sure I felt comfortable. I am grateful for Angela’s holistic approach and feel confident in my ability to continue my wellness journey.”

“I was hesitant to hear if I was doing anything wrong, but Angela is attentive, builds her clients up, and made me feel confident. I feel better about my choices and more conscious about my health, especially on avoiding toxicants in the kitchen. I learned a lot!”

anna t.

You Are Not Alone

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Choose a time for a free discovery session. It's a chance for us to see if my services are a good fit for your needs. 

We will journey together on a holistic path with specific, individualized steps to push past your health challenges.

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Feel in control of your symptoms, achieve peace in your body, and finally thrive.

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10 action steps to detox your home

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My philosophy 

I believe your mindset, input, and environment shape your health potential, or your ability not just to heal, but to thrive. To achieve vitality, we must reduce our "toxic load," or the unnecessary physical stressors preventing our bodies from functioning optimally. I aim to empower clients to transition to a low-toxic lifestyle and create healing home sanctuaries to complement other modalities such as dietary changes along their health journeys.

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