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Don't let your symptoms hold you back any longer.

You're a go-getting, high achieving person used to finding solutions to problems.

but... you're stuck on this one.

You're tired of wasting time fighting your body and trying to control your symptoms.

Increasing food sensitivities
Unexplained skin rashes and breakouts
Constant headaches
Trouble focusing
Joint pain

Do you experience any of the following?

Do any of these thoughts resonate with you?

"I've spent so much time trying to figure this out.  Why aren’t I feeling better yet?"

"I've basically cut out everything but water, but I'm still dealing with symptoms."

"Everyone thinks I'm crazy. It can’t all be in my head, can it?"

It's not in your head.
You feel awful because your body is overloaded and letting you know. 

I know exactly how you feel.

 I was experiencing these same symptoms and asking these same questions and more.

I was labeled sensitive, a hypochondriac, and difficult, but that’s not me and I know that’s not you, either.


Nice to Meet You

I'm an environmental toxins consultant and certified wellness coach. I help individuals struggling with frustrating symptoms like allergies, IBS/food sensitivities, brain fog and more, to finally overcome their chronic allergies, eat comfortably, clear up their skin, function optimally, and achieve peace in their bodies.

My clients come to me with the common theme of long-term discomfort, discouragement, and overwhelm. They're tired of their health struggles holding them back from being the best versions of themselves at work and in their personal lives.

They’ve tried multiple practitioners and were either brushed off, given a pill and no further support, or went down a rabbit hole spending time and resources for solutions still without any improvement.

If that's you, too,  I'm here for you.

Don’t know how or what to cook? I'll teach you and help you adjust meal plans and recipes for your unique needs. Cooking is my jam!

Don’t know how to handle your family/friends/colleagues commenting on your issues? I'll help you navigate sticky social situations with grace and healthy boundaries.

Don’t know where to start? I will give you a roadmap of baby steps to take to make huge changes in your symptoms.

Don't know if you can actually do this? I hold your hand the whole way with lots of touchpoints- I’m not going to send you away with a plan and not walk alongside it with you.

Worried about sticking to the plan long-term? We will kick away the roadblocks in your way, from sifting through the overwhelming amount of information, to effectively implementing habits you can actually stick to.

Feel encouraged working with me.

My approach is comprehensive and holistic. I work alongside you to provide resources, expertise, and accountability on the road to lifestyle change and wellness growth. Together we closely evaluate all possible sources of your symptoms, from foundational principles like sleep, stress, and diet, but especially seeking out any environmental triggers and toxins affecting your overall inflammatory load.

You'll experience an incredible transformation from battling your frustrating symptoms and held back by your own body to feeling vibrant and revived to start hitting your personal and professional goals. 

I did it for myself, I have helped other people do it for themselves, and I can help you too.

Let me be your guide and mentor so you can finally overcome these challenges, maximize your healing, and thrive.

What do you have to lose? Stop letting more time pass feeling miserable and missing out on life. Let me help you back to your vibrant, empowered self.

Start today.

The result?

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“I had been dealing with skin flare-ups from unknown sources for about 6 months before working with Angela. In addition to reducing the frequency of my flare-ups, I gained self-awareness and learned to make informed decisions when bringing new products into my home which could contribute to my breakouts.

Angela provides an incredibly informed and experienced perspective to help implement long-term, healthy changes. She worked closely with me to make sure I felt comfortable. I am grateful for Angela’s holistic approach and feel confident in my ability to continue my wellness journey. I am glad I finally invested the time for myself.”

-Andrea A.

Client Testimonial

Never give up on your health potential.


I became sick at the age of 24 from toxic mold exposure, although I didn’t know it until later. In a matter of months, I alarmingly transformed from a vibrant, driven young woman in my first year of medical school to a shell of who I was, battling muscle aches, neuropathies, fatigue, weight loss, GI distress, food intolerances, and sensitivities to a variety of allergens and chemicals.

I am a veteran survivor of the healthcare industry, from allopathic to homeopathic medicine, including various branches of those philosophies. No one knew what was happening to me and I saw almost 30 providers before I finally found help! Many doctors shrugged me off or told me to try anti-depressants, steroids, and rounds of antibiotics and antifungals- but without ever explaining why or how those treatments would heal me.

Sound familiar? So, I instead spent thousands of dollars on alternative treatments and supplements. I also tried many diets from Paleo to AIP, low-histamine, GAPS, you name it. I still was not improving much and knew some element was missing, so I started digging for answers.

I have an M.S. in Biotechnology and worked at a hospital conducting clinical research for end-stage liver disease and transplant patients. I employed my research skills and read as much as I could, applying my academic knowledge of physiology and immunology. I realized that although I had successfully addressed my diet, lifestyle, and nutritional deficiencies to lower inflammation, I had not yet tackled triggers in my environment. 

I didn't want to be "managed."
I wanted to heal!

If you haven't addressed your symptoms from a holistic viewpoint, you haven't tried everything yet.

Are you in? Book a call today. It’s not too late to find relief.

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After I removed many toxins from my home environment the brain fog, muscle aches, and sensitivities began to lift and improve. The treatments, diet modifications, and supplements finally were able to do their thing without my body dealing with the constant assault from physical stressors in my environment. I went from being trapped in a highly inflamed, reactionary body too tired and miserable to sometimes leave my bed even, to an empowered entrepreneur, vibrant wife, and even a mother!

I now use my knowledge and experience to help others achieve the same transformation in a holistic, comprehensive way. I received my wellness coaching certification and now help clients in their own health journeys, as well as provide workshops and cooking demonstrations to teach others in my community.

I relate to where you are right now, desperate and frustrated with your health status. My mission is to empower you to understand the vital connection between high inflammation and your physical health and take control. Inflammation is triggered by a variety of sources. With my comprehensive and unique system, I will help you to find your unique triggers, remove them, and maintain your lifestyle so you can finally feel peace in your body.

I didn't realize the paramount connection between environmental toxins and my symptoms.

I am obsessed with researching non-toxic products, learning more about environmental health, and I especially enjoy reading new books on health and wellness.

I grew up in the Midwest but now call Texas home. I am married to my soulmate and we are the parents of two beautiful girls and one baby in heaven.

I love playing soccer and watching college basketball. In my free time, you will find me cooking, playing the piano, swimming, or hanging out with my family outside.

More About Me

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According to an analysis by the World Health Organization (WHO), "an estimated 24% of the global disease burden and 23% of all deaths can be attributed to environmental factors." 

Pruss-Ustun, A. (2006). Preventing Disease Through Health Environments: Towards an Estimate of the Environmental Burden of Disease: Executive Summary. World Health Organization.

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